Adema provides consultancy for the exploitation of all job-related administration fulfillments, since job hiring until job termination. We help your company manage your employees and advise you about the optimal configuration of Human Resources in your firm. All of this through the analysis of your workforce and the company’s organizational chart, choices to optimize the management of human resources with the aim of correctly arrange all the fulfillments to respect work standards and safety regulations.


  • Preparation of work contracts, job hiring, job change and job termination.
  • Processing of salaries, INPS and INAIL contributions, family allowances, telematics forwarding of UNIEMENS, CU models, and severance pay calculation.
  • INPS and INAIL fulfillments (Italian Social Security).
  • UNILAV communication.
  • Tax detractions, ANF models.
  • Company’s presences collection (also online through our Web Area).
  • Simulation of company’s costs and labour expenses.
  • Professional legal advices in labour-related litigations.