Adema suggests your company what is the best juridical form to assume (basing on clients’ needs and fiscal imposition) and prepares all the required fulfillments related to the life of the firm, from the starting point to the ordinary management of economic activity, personal corporate compliances, and compulsory accounting books. We offer assistance in preparing commercial contracts with the purpose of minimizing business-related risks and optimizing fiscal and financial economic results. Lastly, we assist our clients in extra-ordinary operations such as mergers, scissions, transformations, closures, corporate reorganization, acquisitions and transfer of companies and corporate braches.


  • Assistance in choosing the best juridical form and the optimal accounting regime (simplified, ordinary, etc.) basing on firm’s nature and dimension or profession.
  • Assistance in constituting the company and projecting the company statute.
  • Communication to Chambers of Commerce and linked Institutions (ComUnica).
  • Consultancy for preparation of commercial contracts.
  • Holding management.
  • Consultancy and assistance for extraordinary operations:
  • Mergers, scissions, trasformations, closures
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Acquisitions and transfer of companies and corporate braches